J.M. Heisecke

Conversion Rate Optimization Manager


An aspiring screenwriter who has also studied business, marketing, art, and literature, José has honed his skills in User Experience and develop his career in the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) field.

With his passion for writing fiction, Heisecke has successfully tackled the creative aspects of CRO while also maintaining the analytical know-how required for the field. Along with these skills, Heisecke is known for his patience and social leniency. He is a strong advocate for inclusivity and is always more than happy to help those who ask.

Heisecke’s multifaceted skill set not only makes him an asset in the CRO field but also enriches his screenwriting endeavors. His understanding of business and marketing, combined with his creative and inclusive approach, positions him to make significant contributions in both areas.

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