Justin Kunst Featured on “Legacy of Leaders”: A Milestone for Timber Wolf Advertising

Justin Kunst, CEO of Timber Wolf Advertising, on Legacy of Leaders

In a momentous event for Timber Wolf Advertising, our CEO Justin Kunst was featured on the prestigious “Legacy of Leaders” show, hosted by Jamar Suber. This show, known for it’s insightful conversations with some of the most outstanding leaders across various industries, offers a unique platform for sharing practical advice and personal experiences from established and aspiring leaders.

During the engaging session, Jamar and Justin delve into the ethos that has guided Timber Wolf Advertising to be a success. The conversation highlights what has shaped our company’s path and Justin’s reflections on what makes Timber Wolf unique. Justin also opens up about his personal journey, providing a glimpse into the experiences that have molded his leadership.

Our CEO’s appearance on “Legacy of Leaders” goes beyond individual recognition, it reflects Timber Wolf Advertising’s commitment to excellence in the advertising industry. We celebrate this significant milestone, and we continue to uphold the creativity, integrity and leadership which the company is founded on.